Thoughts on Lenin’s Exhort to Revolution

Having never read any of Lenin’s writings I was surprised to see how well of a writer he was. In referring to Bloody Sunday, he paints a vivid picture of a deceitful tsar who allowed working class men, or the proletariat, to gather in protest without hindrance just to be brutally slaughtered, along with their families who had joined them. He would speak of the revolution spreading as wildfire throughout the cities of Russia and pleaded with those in revolt to continue in their exalted task of overthrowing the Russian autocracy. As we know, this would not be, at least not yet. But his words certainly carried weight during this time, and I find myself questioning how the revolution did not occur at this moment with such an extreme political instigator as Lenin at its forefront.

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  1. I have to agree with this assessment! As can be seen from the piece Lenin’s writing evoked a ton of emotion and empathy for his cause. We largely have to assume the affect his writing had on the people was intense to say ether least. It is interesting to wonder if his writing was so powerful why did it not encourage the revolution sooner.

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