Additional Questions for Peter the Great

  1. Referring to responsibilities 1, 4, and 9 on the Ukaz on the Responsibilities of the Senate, do you think that the Senate was granted too much power during a period of rebuilding?
  2. If Peter was alive today, how do you think his ideas of reforming Russia would be received?
  3. What are some societal mannerisms from this time period that are still around today?
  4. Do you think Peter the Great would be accepted as a ruler in modern Russia?
  5. Do you feel as if Peter’s Succession law was fair? Do you think the heir of the throne should always be hereditary?

One Reply to “Additional Questions for Peter the Great”

  1. Concerning question 2, today Peter the Great is an epitome of a successful leader, credited with creating modern Russia. Relating back to one of the earlier questions, asking if Peter the Great was Russia’s first example of a nationalist leader, I definetly believe he was. Though many Tsars before him looked after Russia’s own interests, he was the first to actually adopt western customs to integrate his country, then, perhaps achieve European superiority. Today Russia is still trying to achieve or maintain their own perception of European dominance. If their leader were to implement similar reforms (considering Russia has the same desires) it would be well received.

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