Syllabus Adjustments for Week 6!

Dear Muscovites,
Thank you for your excellent work in yesterday’s debate about Peter’s greatness! As we get ready for our midterm assignment, I’ve made a few adjustments to the syllabus for week 6 (Sept 30-Oct 4). Here is what you need to read:

Mon, Sept 30
A History of Russia, chapter 19″
M.M. Shcherbatov Laments Corruption at Court”
“Catherine II’s Account of Her Accession to the Throne”
Do not read: “Peter III’s Manifesto Emancipating the Russian Nobility”
In class on Monday, we will go over the midterm assignment

Weds, Oct 2:
A History of Russia, chapter 20″
The Nakaz, or Instruction, of Catherine II to the Legislative Commission of 1767-1768″
Do not read: “Charter to the Nobility”
In class on Wednesday, we will talk about academic writing

Fri, Oct 4:
A History of Russia, chapter 21-22
“Alexander Radishchev Excoriates Russia’s Social System”
“Catherine II’s Manifesto against Pugachev and Pugachev’s ‘Emancipation Decree'”
“Russia Annexes Crimea”
[Note: this is the same as on the syllabus]

Keep up the good work, and please let me know if you have any questions!

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